What is Exact?


Address Correction
The USPS requires that all automated first class mail passes Delivery Point Validation (DPV). Essentially, Delivery Points are single locations where mail is delivered. Delivery Point Validation uses USPS supplied database of hundreds of millions of records to confirm that an address is actually deliverable.

Level 1 Address Correction

Level 1 address correction attempts to correct spelling, abbreviation, or formatting errors in order to have the address pass Delivery Point Validation. For instance, an address was put in as E 121 Darrew RD when there is only a W 121 Darrow RD. Level 1 is designed to report the correction to you for your approval for prompt mailing. If we are not able to provide a Level 1 correction, then business logic can be used to pass the request to our Level 2 solution..

USPS Intelligent Mail Barcoding

An Intelligent Mail Barcode (or IMB) is a 65-bar, Postal Service-specific barcode that is applied to mail pieces by Etactics, as opposed to the USPS doing it. The IMB can be used for tracking mail during the USPS delivery process, which aids in tracking regulated mail pieces like your transactional documents.
With Exact, free and automatic mail piece tracing is included. This means that an enterprise can trace mail to the last USPS office where it was scanned.
IMB will allow you to answer a number of questions, including…

  • When did the USPS first process this mail piece?

  • When is it expected to be delivered?

  • How long will it take to be delivered?

Mail represents one of the most dependable, effective ways that enterprises across verticals can communicate with their patients, customers, and constituents. 

Address Approval

After Etactics processing but prior to mailing, you can...

  • Selectively approve statements, or invoices

  • Preview individual statements, invoices or the entire file

  • Search by name, address, dollar amount or account number

  • Suppress and delete selected statements that you prefer not to send

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Mobile Friendly Design

We’ve designed Exact Plus with the user in mind, we understand and recognize that mobile devices are a growing technology that continues to be used more frequently due to its portability. With that being said, imagine standing in a long grocery line waiting to checkout, or maybe in a waiting room at a doctor’s office or restaurant. You have some spare time and want to use it productively. Exact Plus allows users to login on their mobile devices and view, correct, approve, validate, and manage all of your transactional documents from anywhere and at any time. 

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Exact has an upgraded option that provides more perks - Exact Plus.

Exact Plus includes everything that Exact offers plus more features to ensure that you have as much power as possible to get paid what you deserve and easily manage your transactional documents. Regardless of the industry you serve, transactional document management with Exact Plus gives organization's the necessary tools.

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