What is Customer Access Plus?

Customer Access Plus is a secure online payment portal and delivery processing solution. It accelerates account receivables, reduces risk, and saves time and money. It is a solution that provides value-added service for your patients and helps you gain a competitive edge and increased revenue. Every account invoiced electronically will virtually eliminate the cost of printing and mailing the statement. It improves A/R time and patients will receive their bill quickly.

Payment processing starts with the customer, then moves to the payment gateway which communicates with the bank to transfer funds to the vendor.

The result is a one-stop-shop portal which accelerates account receivables, reduces risk and saves time and money for organizations processing high volumes of outstanding bills. The use of electronic statements and invoices allows organizations to virtually eliminate the cost of printing and mailing paper-based bills.




Powered by Payrazr


Customer Access Plus is powered by BillingTree’s Payrazr which is a powerful, integrated solution that gives our users a total online payment and delivery experience. At it’s core, it features an online statement archive solution, payment services, and electronic statement and/or invoice delivery. From a point of service capability, it has the added functionality to accept cash, non-convertible checks, such as money orders, business checks, and travelers checks, inter-company payments, and payroll deduction payments. It offers teller-like cash management capabilties for cash receipts processing using centralized or individual cash drawer models and bank management.

Customers may make payments in person, by mail, by phone, or online. It simplifies self-pay collections and provides a convenient and secure communication method that enhances customer service, resulting in reduced billing and customer service costs, and increased customer satisfaction.


Customer Access Plus for Commercial Entities


Secure payment for your customers and vendors.

CustomerAccess Plus gives you the ability to schedule recurring and automated payments from customers’ checking and credit card accounts. We can direct customers to your website that links to your existing merchant account, or we can provide the merchant account for a true “One Stop Shop”. Customers will be able to log in through the website with a payment screen customized with your detailed information.

Customer Access Plus increases control, accelerates cash flow, reduces statement costs, improves customer service, and contains customer service costs.

Customer Access Plus for Providers


Secure payment for healthcare providers.

Customer Access Plus helps healthcare providers in multiple different ways. First, the secure payment solution helps accerate cash flow for healthcare providers. Second, it reduces their overall cost associated with billing and customer service. Third, it provides a centralized or distributed pre-service and pre-registration system. Finally, it makes management payment collections across a facility, across the country, or on a single system easier than ever.


Customer Access Plus for Office Administrators


A secure payment portal to help office administrators manage payments all in one place.

Customer Access Plus helps office administrators significantly reduce the time required to set up automatic payment plans for patients. Addtionally, they will enjoy immediate, increased patient satisfaction due to the ease of the payment processing. Third, office administrators will have the ability to take payments on behalf of any facility within the enterprise which streamlines efficient processes. Fourth, office administrators will have ease of mind by offering a total PCI compliant environment for secure payment. Finally, office administrators can handle all patient payments, including co-pays, in any form, at any time.


Customer Access Plus for Patients


Give your patients a secure payment portal where they can

With Customer Access Plus’ secure payment portal patients will benefit in a variety of different ways. First, we recognize the growing popularity of mobile phone usage so we allows patients to make a secure payment at their convenience anywhere they have internet access. Once logged in, patients will have access to real-time, personal billing information and be able to pull up and directly view their statement. This viewing capability makes it easy for patients to easily research any discrepancies and view their entire financial relationship with their guarantor. They will also have the ability to interact and communicate with customer service through a secure communication channel at any time and at their convenience