New Etactics’ Solution Introduces Accurate, Simple, Mobile Friendly Address Correction

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Exact and Exact Plus pairs address correction services for statements and invoices with an entirely new user interface that’s designed with portability in mind

Stow, Ohio May 1, 2019: Experience the next level of transactional document management with the launch of Exact and Exact Plus on May 1, which features an entirely new user interface that was designed with portability in mind. Exact and Exact Plus are the latest innovations created by Etactics, a revenue cycle solutions provider, that allow healthcare and commercial organizations to view, correct, approve, validate, and manage all of their statements and invoices prior to mailing to ensure they are sending them to the right place. For more information on Exact and Exact Plus visit

Exact and Exact Plus replaced Etactics’ retired address correction and approval services formerly known as eCorrect and eApprove.

Exact is the entry-level address correction and transactional document management experience that includes features such as Etactics’ address verification and correction services, USPS intelligent mail barcoding, and statement or invoice review and approval capabilities. Exact’s address correction services revise spelling, abbreviation, and formatting errors of a patient’s or customer’s address in order to pass the United States Postal Service’s (USPS) Delivery Point Validation requirements.

Exact Plus offers an upgraded address correction and transactional document experience by including every feature Exact user’s will enjoy, plus skip-tracing, letter insertion management, and return mail management services. “We’re extremely excited to enhance our address correction experience with Exact and Exact Plus,” said the product’s Lead Developer and Etactics’ Output Solutions Business Unit Manager, Robert Sopinec. “Our philosophy is that no software solution or application is ever truly complete. With that in mind, we’ve already published a roadmap to develop new features for our Exact Plus offering including the manual inclusion of content messages, address data standardization, registered or certified mail services, and online postage meter management.”

All current Etactics eCorrect and eApprove users will be grandfathered into Exact Plus at no additional cost, loss in features, or loss of their data. The grandfathering process will take place over the course of the next couple of months and users will be notified and work directly with an Etactics’ client managers once the upgrade process begins.

About Etactics: Etactics ( is a leading revenue cycle solutions organization committed to providing innovative, web-based solutions that improve clients' revenue cycle management and patient experiences. Their products and services assist healthcare clients with improving their business processes, boost staff productivity, reduce expenses, increase compliance related efforts, and accelerate payment.